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Sunday, July 3, 2011

University Of Dundee Comic Studies Degree

It seems that it is not only the US education system that has gone completely bonkers. The University Of Dundee in Scotland is introducing a degree course in Comic Studies. Give me a break - that is not education but rather just an excuse for some individuals who don't want to grow up to not grow up at other people expense.

BBC News notes:

"Dundee University said the one-year Masters in Comic Studies would be launched by its English department in September 2011. The degree built on "strong local traditions" in the comic book industry, the university said. Dennis the Menace, Desperate Dan and the Broons, the inventions of Dundee-based publishers DC Thomson and Co, were all born in the city. Graduates on the course will study the impact of comics on the worlds of art, literature and popular culture. The degree programme will be led by Dr Chris Murray, one of the UK's leading authorities on comics, and editor of the Studies in Comics journal."

On a similar note in The Grumpy Old Limey recently announced that The Grumpy Old Limey Institute For Advanced Education was introducing a Masters degree in "sittin on my big fat rear and vegging in front of the telly studies." When asked for comment The Grumpy Old Limey said that he felt the course had entirely as much educational merit as the University Of Dundee course.


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