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Monday, July 4, 2011

Epic Fails - Dog's Mess Up Too [Video]

More on the thread of "Epic Fails". We all know people mess up; it seems to be part of our nature but hey - what is life without a good laugh anyway. It seems the animal kingdom has its share of klutz's too. A selection of somewhat embarrassing dog moments for your viewing pleasure [do dogs get embarrassed?]

We all know a dog that just loves to feel the wind in it's hair. Car window anyone? Just remember to keep it closed enough so they can't jump out.

This guy has absolutely no intention of swimming today. Fate seems to have other ideas.

Why is this damn chair so big? Or maybe it is just me? They do say you have to recognise your own problems before you can address them. Maybe I need to join SDA [Small Dogs Anonymous].

All this "doggy stuff". Let the cats have a say.


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