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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Roy Williams Proposal - The Audio [Soundbyte]

So Roy Williams is making the news again. Not a Cowboys fan? Roy is commonly thought of as an overpaid underperforming wide out with a penchant for putting his foot in his mouth. Me; I agree. This week he is making the news for something other than football; his sense of romanticism.

Roy has set the tongues a wagging and tickled many a funny bone with his wedding proposal. Now men - we are all romantics yes? We all came up with that wonderful, one off and unique marriage proposal yes? Any way like all good men Roy tried to come up with his own thing. What was it? Proposal by video - heck he could not even get up the nerve to do it face to face! Apparently he says that she had been saying the mail is always bad so he figured he would send some good mail - a video marriage proposal, a $76,000 dollar ring and - get this - $5000 so she could pay her bills. Marry me for my money anyone? Roy is quite the talk of the town following this story breaking and mostly the comments are none too positive.

Now it is not easy being grumpy. It's not I promise. You are sadly misunderstood by everyone and you just want to be a bouncing bundle of happiness and fun. Yeah right. Anyway I listen to 105.3 The Fan on the way into work and they do manage to lighten the mood of a Grumpy Old Limey sometimes. They did so today with a parody of what the Roy Williams audio might be and I thought I would share it. If you are not in the US, don't like the Cowboys or think American Football makes even less sense than cricket this may pass you by; if it does apologies. Click play and give the audio a minute to start up, takes a little to load up.


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