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Saturday, June 25, 2011

That's One Pretty Darn Smart Pig [Video]

What is the smartest species on the planet? Conventional wisdom has it that the answer is us; humans. I am not so sure I would agree with that. Name me another species that spends it time fighting wars, accumulating unnecessary possessions and destroying its own habitat, the very planet we live on. But that's a subject for another day. A look at a couple of sites that come up if you Google "What is the smartest animal?", Science On MSNBC and Animal Planet, suggests that there is no "right" answer. Some of the same species are common to both lists and some are different. If you look at other sites you will see the same thing; some species in common but no two lists the same.

Now I am no scientist and I do not for one minute suggest I can answer the question I posed of Google. One thing I did notice was that most lists had the pig listed somewhere [more often than dogs interestingly]. I was a little surprised by this but it did put me in mind of this video which strongly suggests that at least one pig, who goes by the name of Mudslinger, is indeed a pretty smart critter. Looks like a cut from an episode of something akin to "America's Got Talent" for animals broadcast on the Animal Planet channel. I have no idea when it was broadcast; I just recalled seeing it on YouTube one time and I searched it down. The video is titled "Funny Pig"; me I would have titled it "Very Smart Pig". Anyway; judge for yourself. I think it may might just have you thinking of pigs in a whole new light.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Skydiving Elite & Ultimate Journey [Video]

Stunning "Skydiving" related videos. Not sure how to describe the first one - a Skydiving Ballet? It is staged inside what I guess could be termed a skydiving simulator and is just amazing. I had no idea such technology existed. Next house I buy I want one. The second is a video of someone skydiving down a mountainside. I would imagine it was extremely exciting and exhilarating but probably scary as hell as well. Each in their own way is a very cool video - check them out.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Best Dog Smile Ever [Picture]

So I came across this picture via BuzzFeed; originally from a blog on tumblr I believe. Anyway I have seen it tagged as "The Best Dog Smile Ever". To be honest if you want my opinion forget the "Dog". I think it might just be "The Best Smile Ever".

Limey On The Road - Cool Architecture [Picture]

So I am still in DC. Walked past this yesterday and did not notice it. The Mexican Embassy [Pensylvania Avenue]. I have often seen pictures of older buildings surrounded by the modern. I have never seen one quite like this though. They built on both sides AND on top. Ends up being a very cool, interesting and unusual piece of architecture.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Limey On The Road - DC & The White House

So I just got out of one of my semi-regular meetings at the White House. OK - maybe a little of an exaggeration. All right; you got me, a lot of an exaggeration. Actually I figure if the Rapture came tomorrow and you all had been very bad and all that was left was the President and I it is likely I would still not be asked for advice.

However, I am in DC on business. I have never been here before and the business I am visiting is only two blocks from the White House so I figured why not; be a tourist for a few. So off I trundled to see the White House [and let me tell you when they say white they mean white; I don't think I have ever seen a white as clean and white as that white is].

Now you may or may not agree with the President's policies. Heck, depending on where you live in the world you may or may not like the US. We are not going to go there; political views are personal and often divisive and certainly not something I want to get into here.

What I do think we can agree on is this. The President of the United States is the most powerful individual in the world. Furthermore as each generation comes and goes technology and therefore power advances. If we accept that theory then we can argue that the current President is more powerful than previous Presidents. In short that makes the current President the most powerful human who has ever lived. Back to the White House; it's not as big or as impressive as I expected as a building BUT it's the hang out of the most powerful dude that ever lived - that's actually rather awe inspiring whatever you think of the man himself.

I have a photo. Did I really post that? I must have lost one of the few screws I have left. Check it out after the break.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Revisiting "Where In The Hell Is Matt?" [Video]

Most likely you have seen the "Where In The Hell Is Matt" videos. Matt of course would be Matt Harding and not that other Matt [Lauer; who has also been known to travel a bit]. I have watched these videos several times, and yet I still seem to come back around to them every now and again. They just seem to put a smile on my face [and maybe cause just a little hint of jealosy]. Talk about travelling and seeing the world. I doubt many see even a fraction of what Matt Harding has seen. I know it is highly unlikely that I will ever see most of the places he has visited. I particularly enjoy the 2008 video; I think it is partly the change up with other people dancing with Matt and I know it is the music [Praan by Gary Schyman]. The music fits with the video so perfectly but is also without any doubt a beautiful and enchanting piece of music that stands just fine on it's own.

There have of course been articles a plenty suggesting these videos were all an elaborate hoax, videos by Matt himself confirming that the whole thing was indeed a hoax and then videos by Matt saying the "hoax" was a hoax. I am absolutely of a mind that it is all real but I guess with the never ending advances in technology who knows. You can make up your own mind; or perhaps you already have. Google Matt Harding and you will find a bunch of references or check out his website Incidentally his website says he is doing another video; there is even a form to suggest somewhere he could dance [which also gets you a chance to dance in the video]. I haven't seen Dallas yet.

I will continue to come back from time to time and revisit these videos and maybe do a little idle day dreaming. "Where in the heck is The Grumpy Old Limey". Quite a ring to that don't you think? Well maybe not. But Matt was not the best dancer either and it didn't stop him so my two left feet should really not be a problem. I just need a sponsor; anyone?

2005 [The Original]



Monday, June 20, 2011

Hmmmmmmm [Picture]

I know some people are very proud of their cars and wash them with great regularity but really? As we say back in the old country "there's nowt as queer as folk".

Thanks to for the image.

Five Guys & The Sushi Train

So, I am here in DC. Got to the hotel [late of course - thanks AA], checked out where I needed to be first thing in the morning and on the way back through the mall to the hotel figured I would get something to eat. Saw a Five Guys burger place. Now I have never had one, never even seen one of their stores anywhere but I have heard a lot of buzz about them here and there so I figured why not.

The burger was great [Bacon Cheeseburger with mustard, ketchup, tomato, jalapeno, onion and mushroom] and the fries were piping hot and very tasty. A tad expensive [$10]. Much more than McDonald's, at least McDonald's in Texas, no idea about VA but it was bigger and better and well worth it.

However the thing that prompted me to write this was not the food but rather what to me was a somewhat odd and quirky element of their service style. Now I work in the restaurant industry, IT now but I was a store manager for years so I get that brands need to differentiate themselves. You need good food, excellent service and something that sets you apart from the others to be successful. Anyway I was waiting for my order to come up and watching the employees while I waited. I noticed the expediter filling a bag; couple of burgers, couple of fries in cups and then - a scoop of fries just thrown in the bag loose. Odd I thought. Perhaps he thought the initial portion was small. Anyway as I continued to watch he did this for every order including mine. It seems it must be by design; a point of differentiation. Now I am not one to shy away from large portions; there is a little bit of the "pig" in me but this did seem a little peculiar. Not the end of the world but to get to the burger I had to go through the fries. Take a look at the photo; yes there is a burger in there under the fries. Not really complaining and as stated already the food was very good and very filling. I am just not convinced I would have introduced that particular element into the service style of my business.

And what of the Sushi Train. Well on the way out of the mall I noticed what I immediately thought of as "The Sushi Train". I don't eat Sushi and the restaurant was not called the Sushi Train though that would have been so apropos [and no I don't know what it was called - it was in the Tyson's Corner Center is all I can tell you]. What caught my eye can be seen in the photo. The restaurant has a conveyor system that winds its way by every table. The dishes are color coded and the guests just grab the ones they want; the employees then add them to the check when they collect the empty containers from the tables. Like I said, I don't eat Sushi, but I found that to be an extremely interesting and innovative way to set up a restaurant.

Porn-O-Matic, Privacy & The Insanity Of Humanity

I am sitting at a gate at DFW waiting for a flight to DC. Not particularly where I would choose to be but I have always embraced the mantra “Don’t worry about the things you can do nothing about”. Seems like a worthy enough goal though sometimes not so easy to execute; I do try though. Like most of us I need to pay the bills so I need my job. Today my job needs me here; end of story. As it happens the day is not too bad so far. The drive to the airport was delay free, the parking lots were not full yet and for a Monday morning the line at security was almost non-existent. The line at Starbucks was longer; go figure. But I can live with that. The only downers on the day are not seeing my wife for a few days and that it is so noisy here; people on the phone left and right. Is it just me or do some people seem to have a propensity for shouting when they use their cell phones? Oh for a little peace and quiet.

So I had my first experience of the “Porn-O-Matic”; that microwave or miniwave or whatever it is full body scanner that has caused so much controversy. Did not seem like a big deal. Legs slightly apart, feet on the yellow “feet”, arms aloft, scanning arm does its thing [a couple of seconds] and I am out of there. Someone somewhere saw an image of me something like the one to the left [image courtesy of Wikipedia]. So what’s the big deal? My thoughts after the jump.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Twitter, Facebook & Grumpy Old Limey's First Tweet

So I just twittered my first tweet or is that tweeted my first twit or perhaps hash tagged my first "@" sign - who in the heck knows? Could we not just call them messages and have done with it? Anyway whatever it was I just did it. And what in the heck is a hash tag anyway [anyone who can give me a short review of Twitter terms please comment on this article and let me know; it would help me be a little less of a dumb-***].

And it was monumental in it's significance.

"How so?" I hear you inquire.