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The Small Print

The Grumpy Old Limey is not an attorney. Laid out below are some policies regarding content and privacy in lay man's terms that we believe anyone can understand and that hopefully answer any concerns or questions you might have. If that is not the case feel free to use our contact form to let us know your concerns or suggest something that ought to be added.

Content | Sources, Copyright, Attribution & Reuse 
  • General - Content ideas for The Grumpy Old Limey come from a number of sources; searches, browsing, subscribed feeds, emails, the crazy brain of The Grumpy Old Limey and so on. Our content respects all copyright and attribution requirements as far as we can tell. There is no content on the Grumpy Old Limey that has knowingly been added in contravention of any copyright.
  • Copy - All Grumpy Old Limey copy is original except for quotes which are linked to source and/or attributed wherever possible.
  • Pictures - Pictures used on The Grumpy Old Limey are attributed where required, published under Creative Commons license or as far as we know exist in the Public Domain.
  • Video - Most videos on The Grumpy Old Limey are embedded. In those cases since the originating site [most commonly but not always YouTube] offers embedding code the assumption is that using such code is permitted. Where video is not embedded we link to the original location of the video.
Content | Reuse Of Content From The Grumpy Old Limey
  • Linking - You may link to any content on The Grumpy Old Limey but we reserve the right to request that a link or links be removed if they are hosted on an unacceptable site. For the most part sites will be acceptable so long as they are not adult, illegal or offensive in nature. Acceptability will be determined by The Grumpy Old Limey. We recognise the right to free speech but we also have the right not to be associated with speech we do not agree with.
  • Publishing On Your Site - You may use and publish content from The Grumpy Old Limey so long as you include attribution and a link to the original material. This is subject to the same conditions regarding acceptability as are stated for "Linking".
Content - Request For Removal

The Grumpy Old Limey does not knowingly host any material in contravention of any copyright. Should you find content on The Grumpy Old Limey that contravenes your copyright or other interest in the material please use our contact form and provide us with appropriate information. Any content that is confirmed to be in contravention of any copyright will immediately be removed.

Content - Liability

The Grumpy Old Limey contains opinions, reviews, recommendations and all manner of content. We make no representations as to the factual accuracy of any content. Though we do refer to sites such as and try to verify the accuracy and veracity of information where possible we DO NOT guarantee such.

Content - Policy Changes

The Grumpy Old Limey reserves the right to change policies regarding content at any time. If we have your email on file we will advise you of the changes by Grumpy Old Limey email update.

Privacy - Collection & Retention Of Data

The Grumpy Old Limey does not track visitors to the site and does not employ any cookies. External links and advertising links may lead to sites that do employ cookies or other tracking methods. The Grumpy Old Limey is not accountable for policies on such sites and you should check on the sites themselves for applicable policies.

The only data that we collect is that provided when a submission is made using the contact form. Unless the "Email Me With Updates" field is checked on form submission information, including the email address, submitted will be retained only as long as is needed to respond to the submission and close whatever email thread that submission might generate. If the "Email Me With Updates" field is checked the email address provided will be retained and may be added to the list of recipients of email updates sent out from The Grumpy Old Limey. Such updates will never occur more than once per week. The email address will be used for no other purpose and will never be provided to any other person or entity. Even if you check the field should you change your mind your email will be removed immediately should you request it.

Email addresses and other data are not stored on equipment or servers owned or operated by The Grumpy Old Limey. The contact form is an embedded Google Docs Form and data entered is submitted to and held on Google Docs Servers. Should you have concerns about the security of that data Google support provides the following information. If you do not feel this is a secure method of storing your data please use the contact form and we will remove it. has the following to say regarding Google Docs security;

"Google does an excellent job of securing business data in the cloud. It’s virtually impossible for outsiders to gain access to a company’s data without their permission. It’s that “permission” part that companies using Google Docs should be cautious about. Understand how your employees are using and sharing data and then leverage the technologies and solutions the cloud has enabled to completely protect your data." Original article.

The Grumpy Old Limey has no employees, there is only The Grumpy Old Limey and the permissions set on Google Docs are simple - Private with access by The Grumpy Old Limey only.

Privacy - Changes

The Grumpy Old Limey reserves the right to change policies on Privacy at any time. If we have your email on file we will advise you of the changes by Grumpy Old Limey email update. At that time you will have the option to have your data removed and deleted should you so wish.