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Friday, September 2, 2011

So I Am Not Dumb After All?

At the beginning of the month I wrote about a survey which had conluded that I, along with the majority of people, as an Internet Explorer user was of "below average intelligence". Despite being carried by many major media outlets including CNN, the BBC, CNET, Forbes and Mashable to name but a few it turns out that the report was in fact a hoax. Among the many reports that the report was a hoax the Sophos "Naked Security" blog explains it best.

The paradox here is that while I postulated that I was not in fact a dumb *** and was not convinced that the report was valid the very fact that I was taken in by the hoax in and of itself could be seen to challenge my intelligence and that of everyone else taken in by the reported survey. So arguing that I was not a dumb *** proved that I was? Go figure!

Surfing With Flare - Red Bull Minor Threat [Video]

Surfing has always looked to be an exhilarating passtime to me - most likely I would not be able to keep ny feet if I tried of course and at my age; well what do they say - you can't teach an old dog new tricks [who in the heck are "they" anyway and how come "they" know everything.

Anyway check out this video of the Red Bull Minor Threat - whatever you think of surfing and whatever the eco implications of the stunt are [are there any? I have no idea what or how much a flare puts out] it sure does make for a stunning and cool visual.