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Monday, July 25, 2011

One Man's Very Very Very Lucky Day [Video]

And on a lighter note check out this guy. Talk about having a guardian angel looking over your shoulder. I figure he had the whole heavenly host working on his behalf this day. It's a military funeral [Polish I think] and he is one of the soldiers firing off the gun salute. He is standing on the front row of two, third from the left in the front row. The guy in the back behind him aims a little low and actually shoots the hat off his head. Talk about a close call.

The Grumpy Old Limey's Birthday Sermon

CupcakeSo at whatever was the precise time of my birth today [well today 53 years ago] I had been around 53 years or 636 months or 19245 days or 464280 hours or 27856800 minutes [taking no account of leap years - and it is my birthday so I can be lazy].

So what has an old fart like me learned in all of those years?

Well for one thing life ain't easy but then I have never seen a rule book or anything else that said it should be. No one ever said it was fun either. At times it can be very trying and very stressful. However if you apply a few simple rules to your day to day thinking life can actually be enjoyable and fun.

If you care read on after the break.