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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How To Lose Weight - The 'Limey Way!

So I was cutting the grass this last weekend. We have a corner lot and a lot of grass. On a hot Texas summer day [it was about 100 as it is most days at the moment]. So I am covered in sweat by the time I am a quarter of the way through. I can lose anything up to about 4 lb's doing this at this time of the year. Made me think about weight loss and then the Grumpy Old Limey Diet Plan.

It is a highly exclusive, full time, four phase, residential program; there are only two places available at any one time [we only have two spare rooms]. The only costs are the cost of getting to Dallas and the cost of food. The program goes something like this and will help you lose weight and possibly help make The Grumpy Old Limey a little less grumpy along the way:

  • Fly to Dallas and move into The Grumpy Old Limey residence.
  • Do all the food shopping. This is useful for three reasons:
    • You begin to learn what you should and should not buy
    • It is hot out there and carrying all those grocery bags burns a few calories
    • It saves The Grumpy Old Limey from having to do it
  • Do all the cooking. This is useful for three reasons:
    • You begin to learn what to cook and what not to cook
    • You sweat a lot which helps lose weight because the A/C is up to save The Grumpy Old Limey some money
    • It saves The Grumpy Old Limey from having to do it
  • Do all the washing up. No fancy reasons for this one - I just plumb don't like doing it - oops did I say that? It's activity - any activity burns calories and so helps lose weight - that's it yes.
  • Do all the yard work. This is the mainstay of the program. In the Texas summer work outdoors is great for controlling weight. Cutting the grass, weeding, watering, and rounding up all the leaf litter and so on [there is a blower but doing that but by hand will help the weight more than using the blower]. All of these things will use calories and have you sweating and,  what's more, they will save The Grumpy Old Limey doing it.
OK everyone don't rush at once. The phone lines are open now!!

OK so perhaps it is not the best diet plan ever and I doubt there will be many [any] takers. However on a more serious note those who know me will know that a couple of years ago I did lose a bunch of weight that I have subsequently managed to keep off. Losing weight can be extraordinarily difficult. I wrote an article about the things that helped me lose weight over on InfoBarrel. There may be a tip or two there that just might help you lose that weight you have been trying to get rid of for so long so if you want to find out what worked for me just head on over to the article on InfoBarrel.


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