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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Skyrim: The Elder Scrolls V [Video]

Unless you live in one of the remote parts of the moon if you have even a passing interest in PC Gaming you must have heard the buzz about the upcoming [and likely instant classic] game from Bethesda - Skyrim: The Elder Scrolls V. The fifth installment in the popular and very successful Elder Scrolls fanchise Skyrim is slated for a November 2011 release. The fourth installment, Oblivion, was hugely popular though of course as with all games there were detractors and and a few issues. Though having a "third person" perspective available Oblivion was a "first person" single player RPG/Adventure featuring a huge gameworld and untold hours of gameplay. With a full construction set and an army of "modders" there is still new content coming out for Oblivion years after release. 

With significant enhancements to the game engine, user interfaces and yes, Dragons, Skyrim seems destined to be an instant and huge success. I for one cannot wait for the frustration of wanting to play and play and play and not having the time to do it. Darn those little things like sleep, food and work. 

My suggestion - be ready for the biggest blockbuster in years and pre order your copy now - Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 

Watch the video for an idea of what the buzz is all about and for more detailed information you can check out any of the following:

Friday, July 1, 2011

Life Is Hectic. Right? But Only Sometimes?

So yes The Grumpy Old Limey is sometimes - well - GRUMPY.

So we are all in a rush all of the time it seems. You just have to go out in the car to see that, the roads are full of idiots on a headlong rush to either where they are going or death. Or go to work, every task you get seems to have a deadline of yesterday. I don't have kids [thank the good Lord above] but I do hear that those who do are always on the go; football practice, band, choir whatever. It seems like there are never enough hours in the day.


I enjoy food as much as the next guy and, let's face it, it is kind of essential. Trouble is it does not magically appear in the pantry. The refrigerator does not mysteriously populate itself every night with new sweet treats designed specifically to sabotage the latest diet plans. We have to go to the grocery store; it's just one of those mundane things that has to happen.

I am, as most who know me would attest to, a pretty organized guy [others perhaps might go a little further - ADD?]. I like to shop with a list, I don't hang about browsing, I don't look for new things or new brands. In, out and home; no messing. That's the goal anyway and it is always fine until the checkout.

Ah the checkout! Who is at the checkout? As always it has to be someone who must be in one of those polygamous relationship with a huge number of kids judging by the amount of stuff crammed into the cart. Now given that everyone is always in a rush and that "octomum" here must definitely be in a rush - how could she not be with that many kids - I am absolutely gob smacked at the fact that she does not sack her own groceries or at the very least help to do so. But oh no - she stands there daydreaming off in lala land somewhere. She ran around the store; you just know she is going to scream out of the parking lot like she is being chased by a Tsunami [not a common occurrence in Dallas, TX let me tell you] but sacking - good grief that's not for her. To heck with the poor checker, screw the people in line behind who also have a day to be getting on with; it's all about me!


Does she enjoy watching the checker struggling more and more to find a space to balance that last can of biscuits after scanning it. There is no more room !! The line is getting longer and more frustrated and then don't you know it; she gets out the check book to pay. No cash, no Credit Card, use a Debit Card for goodness sake. Who uses checks these days? Eventually it is done, the cart is filled up again - have to have a carry out of course - doesn't she realize that if there were no sackers and carry out people the grocery stores labor costs would go down and food might be a little cheaper.

So the next time you are in the grocery store help your fellow humans have a good day and sack the darn groceries.

Epic Fail - Couple Of Cars & A Cow [Video]

Epic fails for your amusement. Sometimes things just don't go the way they were planned!

Not the best parking attempt ever but hey, it's OK, there's no one about so just act like nothing happened and go try another parking lot. Shame about that video camera.

Maybe this was a badly judged attempt at a u-turn and not a parking attempt at all?

It isn't only humans that are subject to odd "Epic Fail"; sometimes animals have a bad day too! OK I know - it's another cow video - what can I say; for some unknown reason the other day I searched for cow videos. An aging and somewhat idiosyncratic brain is my only excuse.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Old Fella - AGT Aussie Style [Video]

Stand up comedy is notorious for being one of the harder forms of entertainment. One retired Aussie farmer showed he still has it on the Australia's Got Talent semi-finals.

$100M ATM Receipt. If Only! [Video]

Only time I will ever see this that's for sure! - Your Personal Avatar [Video]

So you want to work at home tomorrow but there is an important meeting you really need to be at. Have to leave town for a few days but there is a lot going on at the office? There is an answer. These days there are greetings on cell phones, out of office messages in email and all manner of dealing with being away from your desk. $15000 however propels you to whole new level and places you right on the technological cutting edge as you introduce your "Out Of Office Avatar" to your colleagues. Described as "Skype on a Segway only more geeked-out" the $15,000, 35-pound, two-wheeled, self-balancing travel robot has two-way audio and video so users can interact remotely with co-workers or customers. introduces your personal Avatar as follows:

"Be part of the action at work from home or anywhere. All you need is a web browser to interact with the whole office, lab, factory, or warehouse. QB glides around smoothly and quietly, giving you total access and presence."

It goes on to highlight your new found telecommuting independence;

"No longer do you have to rely on someone to reserve a room with video conferencing, remember an appointment or set up a conference call. Simply log in to QB and interact with people just as if you were there."

Check it the video review and then get with your boss; he has a big budget this year right?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Funny & Stupid Signs [Picture]

Figured since I had quite a few pictures of funny and/or stupid signs that I have saved from random places at various times I may as well share them with you. Enjoy. Oh and if the slideshow is going too fast just hover your mouse over it to get to the control bar.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weird, Stupid & Dumb Laws


Wikipedia and define the Supreme Being as follows:

I fully subscribe to the idea that everyone is entitled to their opinion regardless of whether I happen to agree with that opinion or not. Based on that premise I am forced to accept that you would have every right to consider me a dumb-xxx. Equally I have every right to believe that while I am no Einstein I am, for the most part, a reasonably intelligent human being.

When I consider God I think of a Supreme Being. If you were to ask me to define a Supreme Being my answer would be a simple, single word; God. The definitions above would seem to suggest that my interpretation is a valid one.

The Texas Constitution has the following to say regarding public office and religious sentiments:

The Texas Constitution Source
Article 1 - BILL OF RIGHTS
No religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office, or public trust, in this State; nor shall any one be excluded from holding office on account of his religious sentiments, provided he acknowledge the existence of a Supreme Being.

If the definition of a Supreme Being stands then my acknowledging or denying  the existence of a Supreme Being is, in and of itself, an expression of my personal religious sentiments because, by definition, I am choosing to acknowledge or deny the existence of God. The words Supreme Being and God are interchangeable. So what the Texas Constitution is really saying is that if I choose to deny the existence of God I can be barred from office even though I CANNOT be barred from office because of my religious beliefs. And you thought I was a dumb-xxx!

Check out another couple of dumb and stupid laws after the jump.

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Brocolli, The Walnut & The Shroom

Source unknown. Found randomly browsing one day but to whoever - thank you.

What If God Took A Mulligan?

Most commonly used in relation golf Merriam Webster defines "mulligan" as follows:

So basically what we have is, for want of a better description, a do-over. I was out weeding the yard yesterday; Texas summer, hot as hell and not a whole lot of fun. Seems like a never ending task. Pull the last weed at the far end and it seems like the first one pulled has already poked its pesky little head up again. “Nature does not conform” as I like to say. For some reason it set me to thinking what might God change if He “took a Mulligan” or perhaps more accurately what would I have God change if He “took a Mulligan”?

Now before the flaming starts I recognize that spiritual beliefs and perception of/belief in God are very personal things. There are probably as many different views as there are people to hold them. I mean no insult to anyone’s belief system or to God; whoever or whatever you may perceive Him to be. All I figured was why not take a slightly irreverent and light hearted look at some things that might be considered for a do-over - after all God created us and he gave us a sense of humor; in my estimation that makes it highly likely that He has a sense of humor too.

So check out my top five do-over wishes after the jump.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I Love You - Doggy Style [Video]

I know what you were thinking. Sorry - the Grumpy Old Limey has not gone all XXX on you. This is actually a very cool video of a talking [and loving] Husky called Mishka.