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Thursday, June 30, 2011 - Your Personal Avatar [Video]

So you want to work at home tomorrow but there is an important meeting you really need to be at. Have to leave town for a few days but there is a lot going on at the office? There is an answer. These days there are greetings on cell phones, out of office messages in email and all manner of dealing with being away from your desk. $15000 however propels you to whole new level and places you right on the technological cutting edge as you introduce your "Out Of Office Avatar" to your colleagues. Described as "Skype on a Segway only more geeked-out" the $15,000, 35-pound, two-wheeled, self-balancing travel robot has two-way audio and video so users can interact remotely with co-workers or customers. introduces your personal Avatar as follows:

"Be part of the action at work from home or anywhere. All you need is a web browser to interact with the whole office, lab, factory, or warehouse. QB glides around smoothly and quietly, giving you total access and presence."

It goes on to highlight your new found telecommuting independence;

"No longer do you have to rely on someone to reserve a room with video conferencing, remember an appointment or set up a conference call. Simply log in to QB and interact with people just as if you were there."

Check it the video review and then get with your boss; he has a big budget this year right?


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