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Friday, July 1, 2011

Life Is Hectic. Right? But Only Sometimes?

So yes The Grumpy Old Limey is sometimes - well - GRUMPY.

So we are all in a rush all of the time it seems. You just have to go out in the car to see that, the roads are full of idiots on a headlong rush to either where they are going or death. Or go to work, every task you get seems to have a deadline of yesterday. I don't have kids [thank the good Lord above] but I do hear that those who do are always on the go; football practice, band, choir whatever. It seems like there are never enough hours in the day.


I enjoy food as much as the next guy and, let's face it, it is kind of essential. Trouble is it does not magically appear in the pantry. The refrigerator does not mysteriously populate itself every night with new sweet treats designed specifically to sabotage the latest diet plans. We have to go to the grocery store; it's just one of those mundane things that has to happen.

I am, as most who know me would attest to, a pretty organized guy [others perhaps might go a little further - ADD?]. I like to shop with a list, I don't hang about browsing, I don't look for new things or new brands. In, out and home; no messing. That's the goal anyway and it is always fine until the checkout.

Ah the checkout! Who is at the checkout? As always it has to be someone who must be in one of those polygamous relationship with a huge number of kids judging by the amount of stuff crammed into the cart. Now given that everyone is always in a rush and that "octomum" here must definitely be in a rush - how could she not be with that many kids - I am absolutely gob smacked at the fact that she does not sack her own groceries or at the very least help to do so. But oh no - she stands there daydreaming off in lala land somewhere. She ran around the store; you just know she is going to scream out of the parking lot like she is being chased by a Tsunami [not a common occurrence in Dallas, TX let me tell you] but sacking - good grief that's not for her. To heck with the poor checker, screw the people in line behind who also have a day to be getting on with; it's all about me!


Does she enjoy watching the checker struggling more and more to find a space to balance that last can of biscuits after scanning it. There is no more room !! The line is getting longer and more frustrated and then don't you know it; she gets out the check book to pay. No cash, no Credit Card, use a Debit Card for goodness sake. Who uses checks these days? Eventually it is done, the cart is filled up again - have to have a carry out of course - doesn't she realize that if there were no sackers and carry out people the grocery stores labor costs would go down and food might be a little cheaper.

So the next time you are in the grocery store help your fellow humans have a good day and sack the darn groceries.


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