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Saturday, June 25, 2011

That's One Pretty Darn Smart Pig [Video]

What is the smartest species on the planet? Conventional wisdom has it that the answer is us; humans. I am not so sure I would agree with that. Name me another species that spends it time fighting wars, accumulating unnecessary possessions and destroying its own habitat, the very planet we live on. But that's a subject for another day. A look at a couple of sites that come up if you Google "What is the smartest animal?", Science On MSNBC and Animal Planet, suggests that there is no "right" answer. Some of the same species are common to both lists and some are different. If you look at other sites you will see the same thing; some species in common but no two lists the same.

Now I am no scientist and I do not for one minute suggest I can answer the question I posed of Google. One thing I did notice was that most lists had the pig listed somewhere [more often than dogs interestingly]. I was a little surprised by this but it did put me in mind of this video which strongly suggests that at least one pig, who goes by the name of Mudslinger, is indeed a pretty smart critter. Looks like a cut from an episode of something akin to "America's Got Talent" for animals broadcast on the Animal Planet channel. I have no idea when it was broadcast; I just recalled seeing it on YouTube one time and I searched it down. The video is titled "Funny Pig"; me I would have titled it "Very Smart Pig". Anyway; judge for yourself. I think it may might just have you thinking of pigs in a whole new light.


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