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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Revisiting "Where In The Hell Is Matt?" [Video]

Most likely you have seen the "Where In The Hell Is Matt" videos. Matt of course would be Matt Harding and not that other Matt [Lauer; who has also been known to travel a bit]. I have watched these videos several times, and yet I still seem to come back around to them every now and again. They just seem to put a smile on my face [and maybe cause just a little hint of jealosy]. Talk about travelling and seeing the world. I doubt many see even a fraction of what Matt Harding has seen. I know it is highly unlikely that I will ever see most of the places he has visited. I particularly enjoy the 2008 video; I think it is partly the change up with other people dancing with Matt and I know it is the music [Praan by Gary Schyman]. The music fits with the video so perfectly but is also without any doubt a beautiful and enchanting piece of music that stands just fine on it's own.

There have of course been articles a plenty suggesting these videos were all an elaborate hoax, videos by Matt himself confirming that the whole thing was indeed a hoax and then videos by Matt saying the "hoax" was a hoax. I am absolutely of a mind that it is all real but I guess with the never ending advances in technology who knows. You can make up your own mind; or perhaps you already have. Google Matt Harding and you will find a bunch of references or check out his website Incidentally his website says he is doing another video; there is even a form to suggest somewhere he could dance [which also gets you a chance to dance in the video]. I haven't seen Dallas yet.

I will continue to come back from time to time and revisit these videos and maybe do a little idle day dreaming. "Where in the heck is The Grumpy Old Limey". Quite a ring to that don't you think? Well maybe not. But Matt was not the best dancer either and it didn't stop him so my two left feet should really not be a problem. I just need a sponsor; anyone?

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