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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Old Fella Rod Gregory AGT [Video]

So while we are on the Australia's Got Talent track there is a retired farmer by the name of Rod Gregory aka "The Old Fella" who is still in the running to get to the Grand Final. His stand up comedy is, shall we say, a little smutty and apparently his material has been cleaned up a lot just to get it past the aussie "censors" but he is pretty darn funny nonetheless and the wifey thinks he is absolutely hilarious [listen for the "turtle" joke in the second video]. All three of his performances from Australia's Got Talent are here starting with his original audition through the semi-finals and ending up with the performance in the finals that hopefully will see him voted through to the Grand Final. This is one funny guy.

The Audition

The Semi-Finals

The Finals


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