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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Make Money - Online Business - Just Launched

I will be the first to admit that over the years I have tried many of the "get rich quick" schemes on the web. Suffice it to say I am not rich. Most require you to expend an enormous effort to recruit people and that is hard: a few manage it, I know one individual in particular who quit his job back in 2001 and has lived well on these things ever since. Not me.

All of these sites talk about no need to recruit, your matrix being filled with "spillover" and so on. The problem is by the time you get in they need way too many people to fill your matrix with spillover and everyone who is likely to join already has.

So, I stopped looking and joining. I waited for the time I could get in right at the beginning. Now I am no marketing whiz, I don't have a huge contact list and so on. What I am pretty good at is math and logic. Logic said to me that if I got in right at the start of something the math dictated that I WOULD get the spillover and that I would make some money [not get rich] by joining something if I was early enough.

That opportunity has just arrived. Still less than 24 hours old this was the one I had waited for. I am no fool; I have no expectations of a life changing income. However I do believe enough in my own logic and math to at least take a risk based on the belief that I will validate my theory and make some money along the way. Is there some risk - absolutely - I could quite simply be wrong - but the risk was worth it to me.

So; if you know me you know I am reasonably intelligent. I make no suggestion that you will get rich, I make no promise that you will not lose your investment [and that is actually how I see it]. Could you simply say goodbye to your money - yep.

But - if you ever look at the ads and wonder "is it true" or "could I really be making that money" now is the time to take the risk and try it that one time. At least you would have an answer. At least you would not have to continue wondering. You would finally know if all of the "blurb" about these "businesses" is just that "blurb" or if they have some merit.

Timing is everything; if you want to take a chance here it is.

If you do try let me know how you get on. I will follow up here with news as to how we do - but, if you want to take a chance don't wait for us to say "it worked" because the math says by then it will be too late.

It's a leap of faith.


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