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Saturday, June 18, 2011

So A Leopard Can Change It's Spots After All

Heck I'm on Facebook. I am not sure I really believe it but no; I check again and there I am. Must be so.

Of course I have decried Facebook, Twitter and all manner of "Social Media" on an almost daily basis since the time the only "Social Media" consisted of Fred Flintstone, a slab of rock and a chisel. So, if you know me at all, you may be of a mind to ask "Is this really happening?" You may be prompted to say "I told you so. Social Media is the place to be" Is it true - you have not arrived unless you are Facebooking and Tweeting [and yes I am actually seriously considering Twitter though given my propensity for verbal diarrhea a 140 character limit could cause me insurmountable problems?. Perhaps your "self satisfaction bone" is tingling with the glee of being proven right after all and above all you may be asking "What on earth prompted the leopard to change his spots?"

Find out after the jump.

Maybe it's really simple. Perhaps I have pissed so many people off with my sometimes "off the wall" and forcefully articulated opinions and comments that I have run out of people who are prepared to listen. Could I need a new defenseless audience? Is this a flash in the pan no sooner risen from than consigned to the vast graveyard of failed one time internet dreams? Possibly the flow of creative juices [or not so creative some may feel - we shall see] will dry up before this goes much further; perhaps not. I have no idea where this latest life choice will lead and no real plan to get there. Nowhere, internet celebrity, somewhere in between? Only time will tell.
I am sure the trickle of people that might see this blog will let me know how it is going and how it is received. Feel free - have at it. All and any comments, feedback, flames, discussion and whatever is equally welcome. If it was not what would be the point of putting this out there anyway? Over time maybe I will gain a small audience eagerly awaiting the next post from The Grumpy Old Limey or maybe this will be one of the multitude of blogs out there that serve no other purpose than to keep the author busy. I have no idea myself what the road will be - just winging it and talking about whatever comes to mind at the time.

If you think something you see online or something you have on one of your sites might be of interest to me let me know; you can email me from my profile page [profile is at the bottom of the page]. I guess having some sort of an audience be they rabid fans or enthusiastic detractors is what eventually validates any kind of presence in cyberspace and a part of growing that audience is clearly linking to other sites and having them link to yours. So; it would seem then that some effort in that direction is called for. If you feel that you have a blog or other website that might interest me send me the URL - if I find it interesting I might link to it. If you think something about my blog might unaccountably be of interest to your audience feel free to link to me.

Equally growing a network of friends is, from what I hear, a worthy pursuit. Is having an army of friends a "status symbol"? You tell me. Is a friends network about quality or quantity? Me, I figure the former. Quality is probably "friends" and quantity is just "numbers" or, and pardon the bad pun "fiends". If you find anything of interest in my crazy ramblings feel free to friend me on Facebook, GoogleBuzz, Twitter or whatever else. Of course I am very new to all this so if I have terminology wrong or there is no response or you cannot find me don't worry; it is just that I have no idea what I am doing but I will likely figure it out in due course.

I do almost always have an opinion so watch this space - likely it will be not too long before something tickles my fancy and spurs me on to ever more feverish blogging.

Is the world ready for The Grumpy Old Limey? Or for that matter is The Grumpy Old Limey ready for the Grumpy Old Limey? Have an answer? I don't!


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